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About Us

How We Started:

In 2014 a passionate team of Bangladeshi UK Barristers and Law Professionals initiated an online legal research platform BLEx. In a very short period of time, they developed the database for storing and searching for Bangladeshi Judgments and Legislations. BLEx became a prime source of Bangladeshi law at the University of East London. 


The Old Legislib System:

In 2016 the BLEx became Legislib System with the IT support of REVE Systems- Singapore. The Reve Legislib did extensive research on the Legal Resources of Bangladesh. Almost every major reported Judgment were available in the database. Soon the Reve Legislib System become the largest legal database of Bangladeshi Laws. The research and law editorials were made under the leadership of qualified Barristers, Advocates of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. The faculties of Jahangirnagar University, State University and North South University were directly involved in the making of the editorials of the Judgments.

Automated Scanning System:

The Legislib Team has developed an automated scanning system and document digitalisation process which may scan and OCR up to 40 pages per minute. This automated document scanning and ocr system can recognise Bangla and English Language. This System is specially made for the optical recognition of Bangla language.  The automated workflow may OCR and convert images into text documents in seconds. This Machine is a game-changer for legal documentation and data management industry. With the help of this system, may law firms have created their personal virtual space for accessing and storing copies of their documents and books.   

The New Online Legal Database- Legislib

In 2019 the Legislib System became Legislib Publications and established the latest version of Legislib online legal database. With the most advanced technologies available, IT team of the Legislib created a world-class legal research database. The contents in the database are now counted in millions. Students and Practitioners of Bangladesh are now using the database.